"Big YOLO" says goodbye

on J/Boats Southwest

The J/99 that I never named-but nicknamed "Big YOLO" is off to Seattle!

Like every J/Boat that I have owned they all have made special memories. Amy Brock Strebel Douglas Strebel Felipe Payet Justin Wolfe Ed Pierce and myself raced this boat down the Texas coast from Galveston to Port Aransas in the Harvest Moon Regatta. That race there was no harvest moon, it was pitch black, the seas were confused, and many boats had to be rescued. We raced the boat well, finished 2nd in class and had a blast! I would race any race with this team! Anytime! Anywhere. We took the risk and made a great forever memory! So Long Big Yolo! I look forward to hearing about new memories made with your new owner and I hope I get to come to Seattle and visit!